Completed Project for Promoting Clinical Innovation Network


Key Fields Drug Discovery & Development(1st)
program year 08/17-03/20
R&D phase None
Division of Clinical Research and Trials, Department of Clinical Research and Trials
E-mail: E-mail: rinsho-crt"AT" “at” with @.)


The objective of this project is to accelerate the Clinical Innovation Network (CIN) initiative by promoting the use of disease registration systems (patient registries) in R&D for drugs and medical devices.

Patient registries are expected to facilitate clinical R&D by being utilized in clinical research and trials (feasibility study, patient recruitment, and control group data source) as well as post-marketing surveillance. However, there are some issues hindering researchers and companies from making maximum use of them. For instance, the individual data stored in patient registries is not collected according to specific purposes, the registries are uniquely operated by various organizations, and information on the registries is not centralized. These issues make it difficult for users to obtain information on the registries.

Against this backdrop, this project aims at establishing a promotion center that will contribute to accelerating the CIN initiative by collecting information regarding domestic registries, categorizing and compiling them in accordance with each purpose of use, and publishing the categorized and compiled information on the website along with a search function. In addition, the promotion center aims to provide patients, researchers, and companies with relevant information and consultation services on patient registries.

Last updated 05/22/18