Department of Clinical Research and Trials Research Project for Standardized Data Collection System and Utilization of Medical Information


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The Act Regarding Anonymized Medical Data to Contribute to R&D in the Medical Field (hereinafter referred to as the "Next Generation Medical Infrastructure Act") by the Headquarters for Healthcare Policy went into effect on May 11, 2018. With this Act, the environment to utilize medical information will greatly develop in preparation for the full-scale operation of the data use infrastructure in 2020. On the other hand, standardization of data generated in medical institutions is one of the major challenges. Particularly standardization of medical records about medical practice including tasks, outcomes, assessments, etc. is a key to the operation.

AMED has supported research about establishing environment to utilize the standardized information, which is obtained from existing medical database or electronic health records, as a basis for quality and equity of care as well as that for medical practice. At the same time, we have conducted research to construct a sustainable system to be used as a basis of clinical studies. As we carried out this research, it was made clear that the standardization of data should be conducted in each medical institution, where the medical information is being produced. However, the scope of medical information is extremely large, and it is difficult to standardize the data in the course of day-to-day medical care services.

This program supports R&D to standardize information that contains medical care processes and medical care outcome among medical information generated in medical institutions.

Last updated 2019.2.26