Division of Strategic Planning and Evaluation The iD3 Booster


Key Fields Drug Discovery & Development(1st)
R&D phase Basic Study, Applied Study, Nonclinical Study/Pre-clinical Study
Department of Innovative Drug Discovery and Development (iD3), Division of Strategic Planning and Evaluation, Office of Drug Discovery Support
TEL: (East Japan Office) Tel : +81-3-3516-6181
(West Japan Office) Tel : +81-6-6372-1771

The iD3 Booster is a unique, unprecedented approach operated by the Department of Innovative Drug Discovery and Development (iD3) for accelerating the translation of promising basic researches into innovative new medicines. This program is very unique in that it is designed to provide basic scientists with a set of hard-to-get enablers, instead of grant-in-aid, essential for promoting drug discovery research in universities, including the deep knowledge and industry experience of drug discovery experts, high throughput screening (HTS*), lead optimization capabilities, best available IP management, and full coverage of GLP* and GMP* costs. The iD3 Booster is promoted by the Drug Discovery Support Network (DDSN*) and close partnership with many pharmaceutical companies who provide with access to valuable HTS library and technologies in light of the project operating plans drawn by the iD3 drug discovery experts. Currently, more than 50 approaches have been pursued for target validation, HTS, lead optimization, and preclinical testing (as of Feb 2017).

High-throughput screening
Good Laboratory Practice
Good Manufacturing Practice
Drug Discovery Support Network

Last updated 04/04/17