Division of Regenerative Medicine Project Focused on Developing Key Evaluation Technology : Development of Platform Technology for Drug Discovery through Application of Regenerative Medicine


Key Fields Drug Discovery & Development(1st), Japan Regenerative Medicine Project(1st)
R&D phase Clinical Study, Clinical Trials, None
Division of Regenerative Medicine Research, Department of Research Promotion
TEL: +81-3-6870-2220

AMED has been promoting the support tools for drug discovery using the induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell-based technology to improve the efficiency of new drug discovery in “Japan Regenerative Medicine Project”.

This project aims to develop an microphysiological system by mounting organ cells derived from iPS or other stem cells on chips and devices that can be applied for safety and pharmacokinetic evaluations in the process of drug discovery.

This project is implemented by collaborative efforts of designated project groups developing different parts of the microphysiological system, which mainly comprises organ cell culture on chips and devices. Group 2-2 manufactures particular organ cells, which are derived from iPS or other stem cells, applicable to organ cell culture models and devices developed in Group 2-1. Group 1 develops a mass production model of chips and devices based on Group 2-1. Organ cell-culture technologies on chips and devices developed are then validated in Group 3, which develops protocol standards of the system.



Last updated 11/06/18