Division of Research Programs Terminated Projects - Program for Integrated Promotion of Social System Reform and Research and Development

Duration: FY2011~FY2017

Title of Research and Development Development of a simultaneous diagnosis method for multiple infections of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) in Africa
Representative institutions Nagasaki University
Principal Investigator Shunichi Yamashita
Summary of research and development We launched a project to develop a microsphere-based multiplex immunoassay system to monitor and detect several infectious diseases simultaneously. This comprehensive system provides an opportunity to describe epidemiological features of several tropical infectious diseases. By adding pathogens and antigens of interest, optimized made-to-order high-quality programs can be established, which utilizes limited resources to effectively control the diseases. The serological surveillance system would also enable us to monitor the burden of infectious disease control and prevention programs.
Title of Research and Development Development and Sustainability of Clinical Trial site for Malaria Vaccine in Uganda
Representative institutions Osaka University
Principal Investigator Toshihiro Horii
Summary of research and development Clinical development of BK-SE36 malaria vaccine is our ultimate goal. We are currently conducting a Phase Ib clinical trial (1-5 y-old subjects) in Burkina Faso. A number of clinical malaria studies are also on-going in collaboration with partner researchers in six universities/institutes in Japan. The project begun to address various gaps in malaria vaccine development in response to the call of the Strategic Funds for the Promotion of Science and Technology.


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