Division of Strategic Planning and Evaluation Drug-Discovery Innovation and Screening Consortium (DISC)


Key Fields Drug Discovery & Development(1st)
R&D phase Applied Study
Division of Strategic Planning and Evaluation, Office of Drug Discovery Support, Department of Innovative Drug Discovery and Development (iD3)
TEL: (East Japan Office) Tel : +81-3-3516-6181
(West Japan Office) Tel : +81-6-6372-1771
E-mail: id3desk”AT”amed.go.jp(※Replace “at” with @.)

This program includes to perform high throughput screening (HTS) for potential drug targets that are considered at the HTS stage of “the iD3 Booster," and to provide industry members with screening results. Compound libraries used in this program are provided by the industry members.

HTS: a technology for rapid screening using millions of chemical compounds to identify active compounds.

The AMED iD3 supports the smooth consolidation through this program and increases the efficiency of the entire drug discovery activity. This program aims to promote drug discovery activities by the “All-Japan" approach by cooperation with industry, government, and academia.

By using industry-original compound libraries, academia such as universities or public research institutions have a chance to lead their research activities to practical applications to drug discovery. Once industries decide to introduce the drug target into their internal drug discovery program, the experimental chemical compounds (tool compounds) are provided to academia by the industries. Thus, drug discovery research in academia could also be accelerated by the program. Industry members may expect to improve the potential values of their own compounds through increased opportunities to use their compounds for HTS for the drug target created at academia. The industry members in this program will share information regarding the HTS assay systems and the screening results, if applicable.


Last updated 2017.4.4